Program Description

The Steamboat Pinot Noir Conference began in 1980 as a means of "Improving the Breed." Like the wine, this memorable event continues to evolve* and flourish. Our mission is as relevant today as it was when the Conference commenced:


July 6-9, 2017

Panorama Tasting

Formal Tastings

Afternoons are yours to enjoy. Recreational opportunites abound: nearby waterfalls, hotsprings and swimming holes; riverside hiking and mountain-biking trails; world-class steelhead and trout fly fishing

2014 Vintage Retrospective Tasting / Experiments / Happy Hour Lawn Tastings


The conference concludes after lunch following the Monday morning formal tasting. In the interest of treating every formal wine equally we strongly request that if you attend the Conference you plan to stay for the duration. The last couple of years we have had a unsettling number of tasters bail out before the last tasting on Monday morning. Please realize that every wine deserves the full attention of ALL participants. The unique aspect of the Steamboat Conference is that it is the participants and their wines that make up the heart of the event