Lab Analysis

Formal wine tasting discussions are amplified with comprehensive lab analysis reports. Included in your Conference fee are tests for 4EP/4EG, Phenolics, Microbiological analysis, pH, TA, VA, GLU/FRU, FSO2, TSO2, Malic Acid, Ethanol. Furthermore, even more specific tailored analysis that might be pertinent to individual wines will be offered at reduced cost.*

*This analysis is only for the formal tasting wine submissions; Each winery submits one, and only one, wine for the formal tasting. Please do not send additional wines, including experimental wines, for lab analysis, unless you first speak with the Conference coordinator.

Lab reports will be included in tasting notebooks provided to all participants. To preserve the integrity of the blind tastings, no one receives a copy of their report prior to the conference.

The goal of lab analysis is to remove interwinery variability from the analytical data presented. Hopefully the lab data will complement and enhance tasting discussions.

Specific instructions for lab sample submission will be provided to registered participants.